we have many specialities but

our main speciality is care

Cataract Care

Micro Incision platform;# Advanced Phaco Surgeries;# Topical Anaesrhesia (No Injection);# Toric IOLs to treat Astigmatism;#...

Refractive Care

LASIK / PRK to remove glasses Implantable Contact Lenses Refractive lens Exchange Inhouse opticals Contact...

Glaucoma Care

Visual Field Analysis Applantion Tonometry Gonioscopy, Pachymetry Optic nerve head analysis Glaucoma Surgeries Yag Laser...

Retina Care

Diabetic Retina Care Vitreo Retinal Surgeries Fundus Photograph Avastin/Accentrix Intavitreal injection Retinopathy of Prematurity

Cornea Care

Keratoplasty Dry Eye Indept Corneal Ulcer Rx Conductive Keratoplasty Corneal Surgeries Keratoconus Treatment

Paediatric Eye Care

Squint Surgeries Strabismus RoP screening Amblyopia Eye Exercise

Oculoplasty Care

Laser DCR Ptosis Botox Injections Cosmetic Eye Surgeries Eye lid Repairs Customised Prosthesis